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Buyer’s Guide: Why should one order Custom Size Beds Online in UK

When you decide to order bed online there are various options to choose from, custom size beds being one of them, you also have the option of the standard size wingback beds, ambassador beds, wooden beds, sleigh beds and if you would like the bespoke nature of custom bed you can create with Elite Beds Company a new and unique design.

Buying a bed will be one of the most important purchases you will make, with no exaggeration as sleep and hopefully a good night rest will lead the path to a positive day and have you ready for the 8–10-hour shift at the office or ensure you’re ready to sit that all-important exam at college.
We have all heard the phrase’ it looks like he got out on the wrong side of bed this morning’ but we rarely think maybe he has got out of the wrong type of bed ‘.

When choosing your bed, it can often be very difficult depending on the size of your home. In the UK they are various size beds which are readily available on the market.

What are the standard bed sizes in UK?

Small Single Beds

Small single beds and mattresses are ideal for younger children or the petite. They measure in at 75cm wide and 190cm long.

Single Beds

Suitable for both children and adults. A single bed and mattress measure in at 90cm wide and 190cm long.

Small Double Beds

A Small Double bed and mattress is 120cm wide and 190cm long

Double Beds

Double size beds in metric dimensions equals to 4 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. It allows enough room for 2 however can feel a little too cozy at times.

Queen size beds

The Queen bed is also a popular size measuring 5 inches longer than the traditional UK Double and sit at 60 inches wide.

King size Beds

King Size beds and mattresses are ideal options for couples, this size is the go-to size for many couples in the UK, here at Elite Beds Company, when we are contacted by customers and they inform us they require a bed for themselves and a partner we always recommend a King Size bed if not its always advisable to go for a Super King.

Super King Size Beds

Super King beds are the go-to size for any couple, especially those who allow pets and children into the bed. (Or if you just love to roll around on your own) Measuring at180cm wide and 200cm long or equally 6 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long, this is the largest of UK standard size beds.

Need something a bit bigger than a Super King?

The Emperor Bed and Caesar Bed are both 6 feet 6 inches long however Emperor comes 1 foot wider and Caesar is 2 feet wider than the traditional Super King beds.

When custom size beds may be needed

Difficult Stairways

There are various reasons why you may options for a custom size beds after you have decided to order bed online, customers are often stuck when deciding sizes and design for beds. The main issue customers often face are difficult and narrow stairways. When houses are built bedrooms may be sized at a reasonable circumference however stairways are rarely thought about says

Natasha Brinsmead Homebuilding & Renovating’s Associate Editor
explains that size of staircase should be given a lot of importance however this is overlooked when sketching your new home stairways and much more importance is given to the design and aesthetics. Homeowners only come to the realization when ordering a bed for instance that isn’t the high street ready-made flat pack bed.

Customers kick themselves when we have to break It to them that the UK standard sizes they want will simply not fit up the stairs. Many a time (unfortunately) customers have been interested in a particular bed size however often getting stuck and having to opt for a smaller-sized bed, in a design that they don’t really want.

But here at Elite Beds Company, we are able to offer a custom size beds with bed size Guide. Which means we provide a size that you need not compromising style or quality, at times some customers only need a few centimeters taken off for the bed frame to be taken to their chosen room, and our team can do that for them. When stairways are not the issue we have seen people face the issue of trying to get a bed into a small space or an area which is not the standard shape.

Small spaces

In the UK the average house size is relatively small at 76 m2 – With smaller rooms or apartment style areas being used to add in beds and mattresses it often means that we may not be able to find a bed that will fit into some difficult spaces, where some rooms have difficulty being accessed into with a larger bed, other areas are shaped irregularly and this means a standard size and shape of the bed will simply not fit. Before you part ways with your hard-earned money and gamble going with a standard size bed. It may be time to consider a custom size bed.

Custom Size Beds

Custom size bed mean you’re able to choose the specific size of the bed, what materials are used, the choice of fabric will be yours and you can even design you own headboard style. Being able to design your mattress the way you want, choosing the level of comfort you require, being able to have a custom fabric added to your mattress will make it worthwhile as it will be a fully custom-made bespoke piece that no one else will have in their homes.

Unfortunately, not all companies and manufacturers offer the option of custom size beds especially if you want to order bed online. However here at Elite Beds Company, we offer the option to have beds custom made, from being able to adjust the height of the Headboard and Footboards at very little cost, to being able to provide your own fabric (or we can source any fabric at your request), and that’s just the start. We offer our customers consultations with our designers who will be able to create a bed bespoke to you, your personal style, and your home design.

Order Bed Online from Elite Beds Company

Your bed can be as big or as small as you require, like something you have seen in a movie? We can create this for you all you have to do is ask… Our team is dedicated to bringing you our valued customers the very best. Production times can vary and they are typically 4 weeks longer than our usual delivery promise and that’s based on the type of custom size bed you have designed. When you would like to order bed online Elite Beds Company offers great products, unbeatable prices with certified customer service.

Elite Beds Company provides a huge collection for you to choose from that includes the best quality custom handmade beds of numerous amazing beds designs, as well as a huge collection of handmade mattresses available for you to order now. With Elite Beds Company you will be able to design your bed any way you want in a few easy steps, that too online through our website.

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