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Elite beds Company is the best Place to Buy a Bed Online in UK
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What Makes Elite Beds Company the Best Place to Buy a Bed Online in UK

If you’re someone searching for the best place to buy a bed or best place to buy bed frame, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Elite beds company. Buying a bed can be a tricky task and ensuring you have brought the right bed is even harder.

The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. So, making sure you’re sleeping on the right type of bed is oh so important. I would place it in the top 5 of special purchases maybe at number 2 with number 1 being ensuring you purchase the right bunch of flowers for the mother-in-law.

Interestingly Over 75 percent of people are shopping at least once a month online and in line with the COVID-19 pandemic we can surely say it has shaped our shopping habits, which means less trips to the shopping centers and more trips to our online shopping trolleys. Buying a bed is no easy task, it can take a customer up to 3 shopping trips to a store to decide to buy a bed, bed frame or a piece of furniture.

At times the uncertainty in purchasing an item is due to the lack of information from customer service representatives, other times we are not happy with prices or we might simply question if the fabric and color will suit our home interior. So if we want to avoid rude shop assistants, pushy sales men, shop safe and save time then we might start to look online when thinking on purchasing a bed frame.

Free Fabric Samples

Choosing the right color for your home furniture is one of the most important interior design rules. Some may say the best place to buy a bed or the best place to buy bed frame is visiting a store where you’re able to choose the right fabric and style. However, our team at Elite Beds Company has adapted the way our customers can choose their unique fabric and color online.

Here at Elite beds team we have made things much easier, by offering Luxury fabric swatches completely free of charge and that’s free delivery too, with over 65 colors to choose from in a range of fabrics you really can’t go wrong with shopping at Elite Beds Company.  Ordering your fabrics online is easily accessible, you simply need to tap on the Order Swatches‘ tab on the top right and click on the fabrics which you would like to be delivered to you. It’s simple and easy.

If our stock of fabrics and colors don’t tickle you fancy (we can’t see why they won’t) then we also offer a Premium Fabric Service. Seen a print on the high street that you really like? Or just really want us to source you something amazing then you can contact us on [email protected] and request our Premium Fabric Service.

Our team will work hard to source and purchase the fabric of your choice and produce your bespoke bed frame or accessory. We have free consultation slots available for the Premium Fabric Service all virtual and free of charge. Our unique service means Elite Beds Company has come as top when looking out for best places to buy a bed online.


Looking at the best place to buy a bed frame online can sometimes be a tricky job with many online retailers selling bed frames at low prices, it’s difficult not to get lured in by cheap prices but most worrying is the cheap quality that comes with such low price tags. Here at Elite Beds Company, we are constantly reviewing our prices so that we offer competitive prices for our customers, all whilst ensuring quality is not compromised. Our products are constantly reviewed by our quality and control team to ensure all our products are of premium quality and comply by health and safety policies.

No Hidden Fees

Shopping online has become a part of our everyday lives. More convenient than high street shopping and you can easily compare prices from different retailers online unlike visiting traditional stores. When choosing the best place to buy bed frame keep in mind any hidden fees in the form of handling and delivery charges. Elite Beds Company is proud to be open and transparent with our customers. With us, there are no hidden charges.

Beds are usually difficult to carry up certain buildings and in some cases, customers usually forget the hefty delivery fees some companies can add on at checkout, after all the hard work you will do comparing prices and quality just to be hit with unexpected £££ for delivery and installation at checkout. Our company offers in-depth delivery and installation information to our customers and with free delivery to your door.

User-friendly website

Shopping at elite beds company online we offer a user-friendly shopping experience. with on hand chat assistant to answer your queries, it will save you hours as opposed to getting any questions asked in-store, having to drive to shopping centers find parking (pay for parking) the list is endless. We also understand not everyone likes having to wait in a queue to get through to a representative, and it might seem a hassle having to ring to ask a simple question luckily at Elite Beds Company we understand that it can be tricky to buy a bed frame online so we make the process a lot simpler.

We are able to reply to any queries with our friendly live chat team.

Seen something you like on our website? What your family and friends say is pretty important (most of the time) seeing as they will be the ones sleeping over and enjoying the decor in your home Elite beds company allows you to save all your favorite products so you can share with family and friends to gain some valuable feedback- be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest.

Best Place to Buy a Bed: Elite Beds Company 

Here at Elite Beds Company, we want to ensure that the process to buy a bed frame online is as easy and clear as possible. Finding the perfect bed may take a few visits to our website and just like that few clicks away you will have your dream bed, designed,  carefully manufactured, and delivered to a room of your choice. When in doubt, be rest assured that you can rely on Elite Beds Company when looking online for the best place to buy a bed online.

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