Elite Beds Company

Mattress Warranty

Dear Customers-
We are pleased to advise that from October 1st 2018 Elite Bed Company will apply a new 5- year warranty on all mattress products.
In the unlikely event that a problem should arise due to either a faulty material or poor workmanship, during the first year from the date of purchase we undertake to repair or replace(at our discretion) any part, or all the product that is defective completely free of charge. In subsequent years, a sliding scale of charges based on usage plus transport costs comes into effect as follows-
Year 1-2    20% of price at time of purchase
Year 2-3    40% of price at time of purchase
Year 4-5    60% of price at time of purchase
Year 5        80% of price at time of purchase
Any claim must be made no later than 5 years from the date of purchase. The customer must also provide a receipt of proof of purchase. Warranty applies to products only where it has been used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Please ensure the consumer complaint complies with the warranty condition’s below.
The mattress must be turned regularly, thereby minimising the settlement of the cushioning layers.
The exception is a ‘no turn mattress which will usually be specified on the mattress label.
If the mattress is no turn, you should use the sleeping surface only.
We are unable to accept returned items which are soiled or unhygienic.
The warranty is void if a fault results from misuse of the product. Examples of misuse would include but not limited to-
Use without bed linen
Subjecting the product to excessive wear and tear- e.g jumping up and down on the bed
Using the mattress on and old or unsuitable base, or a base for which it was not designed
Rolling or bending the mattress
Wherever possible replacement product will be like for like, however in the event that a particular material or style is no longer available we reserve the right to substitute the nearest equivalent from our current range.
The warranty does not affect the consumers statutory rights.