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Best Modern Bed Frames for your Bedroom in the UK

As I press cancel on my alarm this Sunday morning my gorgeous chesterfield bed frame is almost hugging me forcing me to stay in bed. That and the fact both my poodles along with my 3-year-old have snuck in as the chesterfield bed frame king size is big enough for us all (my husband is 6ft 4 and has heavy biceps).

My bedroom is not as modern as the bedrooms I write about and visit at hotels. However, time is changing with more and more people bringing the modern touch into their homes and bedrooms. On average it’s advised to sleep for 8 hours a night in your bed. Bedrooms are an area to unwind it’s a place to prepare your mind and relax your body. Your very own sanctuary, a personal place. So, we should ensure your bedroom is serving you the way it should. After a good night’s sleep, you should feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake, and if that is not happening it’s probably time to choose yourself a new bed.

The best bed frame is not only important to be visually appealing on the eye it’s important that your bed frame helps support your chosen type of mattress, it has to also be approved by the national bed federation.

Before taking the leap of faith and ordering a bed frame online you need to consider the following- What bed size you require and whether you can select a standard UK size bed or if you need a custom size bed you can refer to Elite Beds Company Guide on custom size beds

When is the right time to change your Bed?

You will need to decide whether you require space for extra storage, keep in mind the type of flooring you have and how certain fixtures and fittings will affect any carpet you have.  You will need to also keep in mind the latest trends and styles and your overall color theme in your room. Remember Elite Beds Company sends out luxury fabric swatches free of charge for winter 2021.

Choosing a bed frame that will complement your home can be tricky and confusing. With the vast range of bed frames available on the market. How do we know what will suit our home? Various sizes and shapes are available with ranges of colors, you need to ensure you pick a design that will bring a modern touch to your home.

Range of Bed Frames at Elite Beds Company

There are a number of different types of bed frames available on the market and we will run you through the ranges below.

  • Divan Bed
  • Wingback bed
  • Sleigh Bed
  • Ambassador Bed
  • Bunk Bed
  • Adjustable bed
  • Wooden Beds

1.   Divan bed

Divan bed frames are very popular, they are built with a strong sturdy frame and are available in all standard UK bed sizes.

Although a simplistic option there is added bonus of bed storage that comes in the form of adding an ottoman lift, or drawers to the base, these drawers sit on metal glides and are an easy option to hide away items of clothing and blankets.

Divan bases are either built with the platform or sprung edge tops.

The latter possibly adds up to £150- £200 to your divan bed.

Platform top is the basic design that has been available on the market for many years and gives an overall firmer feel to the bed this is created as the mattress that sits on the base will meet with a firmer resistance creating a firmer feel, the sprung edge has cushioned support added to the base and this supports the mattress from wear and tear.

Please note mattress longevity is based on the quality of the mattress which is purchased and you should be guided by a mattress specialist who understands differences with posture/body weight/ sleep style and age.)

Divan beds (depending on which size you choose) can come with 2 drawers or 4 drawers. Half ottoman and 2 drawers, full ottoman, end of bed drawer (foot end), or a side store storage option.


2.   Wingback Beds

The name pretty much sums the design.

It boasts ‘wing’ type headboards, which often curve around the bed. These can be manufactured in various designs such as chesterfield bed frame as I have a chesterfield bed frame king size in my bedroom and the Winged beds come in various designs; this can be a shortened wing or one of large size. Elite Beds Company boasts a unique collection of Wingback Beds designed specifically for those larger rooms as a traditional wingback takes up a little more room than traditional headboards.


3.   Sleigh Bed Frames

Named the sleigh bed it was built emanating a sleigh. This type of frame has been around for over 200 years and is a furniture style that derives from the empire’s style and was very popular in frame and United States.

These popular bed frames boast amazing curves and are very popular amongst female customers and generally younger customers.

This specific frame has been a hot seller but if you’re struggling for space then this may not be on the top of your list.

The sleigh frame does take up a few extra inches as the foot end and headboard are usually designed with scroll-like curves.

Sleigh beds have the option of adding an ottoman gas lift for hidden storage in the bed.


4.   Ambassador bed frame

These are THE grand beds that you dream of.

A Godsend if you have a large bedroom but a massive issue if you have limited space.

Ambassador bed frames are designed to bring grandeur and luxury into any room.

Built with added frame on the sides and foot end for extra comfort and cushion. This chunky bed style has been really popular over the last few years.

The sides and foot end are usually 8inches in size. The designs vary and headboard sizes can also be amended from 54″ above.


5.   Bunk Bed

Bunk bed frames are really popular for children, these types of bed frames are stackable frames and usually are able to allow two beds to occupy the floor space of one. These are ideal beds for those who have more than one child of similar age.

Chesterfield Bed Frame at Elite Beds Company

If you would like to order a modern bed frame with on-trend fixtures and fittings then Elite Beds Company has the right frames for you.  From the Chesterfield bed frame which is our best-seller, and the top-selling bed size for 2021 has been the chesterfield bed frame king size. We offer free fabric swatches where you can choose up to 6 fabric samples to ensure your bed frame is in a fabric that you totally love. We support customers with our online chat with instant responses to your questions be rest assured we will help create a dream bed that will bring a modern touch to your home.

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