Dura Beds Pocket Bedstead Mattress

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Pocket Bedstead Mattress is very durable and long lasting, and the mattress provides you with a very comfortable, relaxing sleep. With 1000 pocket springs work independently to provide support and even pressure distribution as you sleep. A generous top layer of quality high memory foam provides an excellent level of support and gives the mattress a firmer feel. Beautifully in a hand tufted deluxe quality knitted fabric with air vents to help your mattress breathe, helping it stay fresher for longer and flag stitch handles for easy rotation. Pocket Bedstead Mattress is available in a selection of sizes and would make an excellent choice for any bed.
-Manufactured by Dura Beds
-Bedstead Mattress Collection
-1000 pocket springs
-Memory foam
-Deluxe quality knitted fabric
-Flag stitch handles
-Air vents
-No turn mattress (head to toe rotation required)


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