Dura Beds Roma Deluxe Mattress


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The Dura Beds Roma Deluxe Mattress is part of the Orthopaedic Backcare Collection, a range of mattresses offering a firmer feel at a great price. The Roma Deluxe mattress is made to a high standard and boasts an Open Coil spring system and deep layers of fillings. This mattress also has a reinforced sidewall frame to strengthen the mattress.

This is an unusual firm mattress, as it is a quilted, smooth-topped mattress, whereas most firm mattresses are tufted. The Roma Deluxe has a firm and supportive spring system at its core, and is topped off with fibre fillings, which are in a high density so to further add to the firm feel. The Open Coil spring unit used in this mattress boasts a 12.5 gauge wire, which is used to create all the springs, all linked by the same continuous wire. As weight is applied to the springs, it is spread out evenly and instantly to give good support.

The fillings used in this mattress are breathable fibre fillings. The high-density fibre pad means that the firmness is not compromised, but the fact they’re breathable allows air to move freely through the mattress, keeping it cool and fresh at all times. This is a quilted mattress with a smooth and even surface, which has been finished off with a soft, stretch-knit fabric that feels silky-smooth and tactile.

This is a turnable mattress, so will need flipping over once per season, and will also need to be rotated (spun around) once per season, alternating between the two movements.

Product Features

  • Supportive Mattress.
  • Fibre Fillings.
  • Open Coil Springs.
  • Quilted Mattress.
  • Turnable Mattress.
  • Soft, Stretch-Knit Cover.
  • Mattress Depth: 24cm


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