Grand Luxe 2000 Pocket Sprung Luxury Mattress


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The Dura Beds Grand Luxe 2000 Mattress is a superb mattress. Luxurious and very well made, the Grand Luxe is excellent value for money. Built around a 2000 Pocket Spring unit, the Grand Luxe offers great support, whilst the deep layers of natural fillings on the surface provide a sumptuous feel. 

The Grand Luxe is a medium firmness mattress, which is the outcome of the combination of soft surface layers and the supportive Pocket Springs underneath. The 2000 Pocket Springs at the core of this mattress are able to move up and down as weight is applied, like a piston, conforming to the contours of the body precisely and instantly. These springs are sat within their own fabric ‘pocket’, which separates them from their surrounding springs, meaning there is no compromise on the support provided.

Dura Beds has topped this mattress with deep, deep layers of natural fibre fillings, including Cotton and Wool. These fillings are very soft and ‘plump’ and act as the perfect cushion top to the mattress. Not only are the fillings very comfortable, but they’re also breathable, allowing air to move freely through the mattress throughout the night, keeping it cool and comfortable and all times. This is a tufted mattress, hence the dimple-like fillings on the surface, which is the result of a cord being passed through the mattress. This is done to bind the internal elements of the mattress in place, but also to ensure a consistent level of firmness across the whole mattress. The final flourish of luxury for this mattress is the cover material, which is a silky-smooth stretch-knit fabric that is very tactile and durable. The Dura Beds Grand Luxe 2000 Mattress also has handles for easy movement and breather vents to aid moisture and heat management.

Product Features

  • Luxury Mattress.
  • 2000 Pocket Springs.
  • Deep Fibre Fillings.
  • Tufted Mattress.
  • No-Turn Mattress.
  • Soft, Stretch-Knit Cover.
  • Mattress Depth: 32cm.


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