Dura Beds Ortho Crystal Mattress


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The Dura Beds Ortho Crystal Mattress is part of the Orthopaedic Backcare Collection, a range of mattresses that boast not only support and firm comfort but also excellent value for money. There are few other mattresses on the market that can offer such excellent value as the Crystal mattress. With an Open Coil spring unit at its core and a deep layer of high-density fibre fillings on top, the Crystal mattress is almost unrivalled.

The Open Coil springs at the centre of this mattress are firm and supportive. Made from one continuous wire (12.5 gauge) the springs will spread body weight instantly and efficiently to provide great support. Open Coil springs are durable and very popular. In fact, Open Coil springs are used in more mattresses around the World than any other, and have been for the best part of a century.

Dura Beds has topped this mattress off with a deep layer of high-density fibre fillings that perfectly complement the firm springs underneath. As these fillings are compressed to a high-density, they are firm yet comfortable. As they’re fibre fillings; they’re also breathable, allowing air to flow through the mattress, keeping it cool and comfortable at all times.

This is a tufted mattress, hence the dimples on the surface, which are the result of a cord being passed through the mattress to bind the fillings and springs in place. This enhances durability and also creates a precise level of firmness.

Product Features-

  • Supportive Mattress.
  • Fibre Fillings.
  • Open Coil Springs.
  • Tufted Mattress.
  • Turnable Mattress.
  • Soft, Stretch-Knit Cover.
  • Mattress Depth: 24cm.


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