Dura Beds Air Plus Gel 2000 Mattress


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The Dura Beds Air Plus Gel 2000 Mattress is a great new addition to the Dura Beds Collection.

The mattress is a generous 29cm thick and features an extremely supportive 2,000 pocket spring unit but the main benefit of this mattress is its ability to remain cool throughout the night.

The Air Plus Gel 2000 mattress has various additions and details which allow it to thermoregulate and keep you comfortable, even in the warmer months.


This Dura Beds mattress is designed with temperature in mind. With it’s luxuriously comfortable Air Plus Gel layer, cooling cover and a breather vent on all sides, this mattress does all it can to keep you comfortable. As well as those factors, this mattress has a Pocket Sprung unit at its core. These springs mean there is a lot of air in the mattress, free to move around thanks to the breather vents, and as you move in the night, the mattress pulls fresh air through,keeping you cooler still.

Dura Beds has layered this mattress with Air Plus Gel, designed to allow air to move through it freely, drawing away heat and moisture whilst remaining comfortable at all times. There is also a layer of natural fibre fillings acting as the bridge between the springs and the gel above.

All of these details result in a very comfortable and supportive mattress, but Dura Beds has gone a step further and foam encapsulated this mattress. Foam Encapsulation is the process of building a ‘match-box’ frame for the mattress, which increases the strength of the sidewalls and the overall strength of the mattress. Indeed, this process actually increases the size of the comfortable sleeping surface by as much as 10%, as you can comfortably sleep right up to the edge of the mattress.

This is a turnable mattress, needing to be flipped over and rotated once per season, alternating between the two processes.

  • 2000 Pocket Spring Unit
  • High Density Foam Infused with Air Plus Gel
  • Foam Encapsulated Edge to Edge Support
  • Medium Firm Comfort Support
  • Odour Resistant Soft Knitted Fabric
  • Deep Quilted Finish
  • Flag Stitched Handles (not available on 2ft6 or 3ft)
  • Large Mesh Air Flow Border
  • Turn and Rotate Regularly
  • National Bed Federation Approved
  • Made in the UK


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