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The Dura Bed Tencel Pocket 1000 mattress is stunning value for money. A mattress of this quality and comfort has very few rivals in the same price bracket, so it is easy to see why this is one of our most popular mattresses! There are 1000 Pocket Springs and deep, deep layers of fibre fillings and is wrapped in a cooling Tencel fabric cover. This is a Medium/ Firm mattress, perfect for those who prefer a supportive yet comfortable feel.

This mattress is just like any other in their collection, in that the value for money is almost unrivalled. The Tencel Pocket 1000 has, as the name suggests, 1000 Pocket Springs at its core. Each spring moves up and down as weight is applied, moving like a piston to conform to the body’s weight, enhancing posture and preventing aches and pains from forming. Each spring is sat within its own fabric ‘pocket’ preventing them from touching each other and so the springs will only move if they’re under compression. This sounds simple, but the effect is absolute accuracy in the support provided.

There are deep layers of fibre fillings in this mattress, luxuriously soft and completely breathable. The fibres allow air to move freely through the mattress, which keeps it cool and comfortable at all times. This is further enhanced by the addition of the breather vents on the sides of the mattress. These fibre fillings are luxurious and soft, perfectly complementing and working in harmony with the supportive springs underneath.

This is a tufted mattress, with dimple-like features on the surface, the result of cords being passed through the mattress to keep the fillings in place as well as creating a precise and consistent level of firmness across the mattress. Tufting is a process that requires great skill during production, but the result is great durability and consistent support.

Finished in a Tencel® soft knitted fabric with a micro quilted finish for added comfort, a simulated stitched border to add strength increasing life span, flag stitched handles for easy turning, air vents to allow airflow through the mattress and hand tufted to increase durability.

Tencel® fabric allows for moisture absorption creating a dryer and cleaner sleeping surface. It also tends to be much less irritating than other materials.

  • 1000 Pocket Springs
  • Superb Value for Money.
  • Fibre Fillings.
  • Cooling Mattress.
  • Tencel Fabric.
  • Fibre Fillings.
  • Handles for Movement.
  • Breather Vents.
  • Mattress Depth: 30cm


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