Dura Beds Oxford 1000 Mattress


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The Dura Beds Oxford 1000 Mattress is a 1000 Pocket Sprung mattress with a deep layer of Memory Foam on the surface. This deep layer works in harmony with the springs to provide comfort and support exactly where needed. This is a medium firmness mattress, quilted and with a deep ‘cushion top’ as well as breathable borders to additional ventilation.

The Oxford 1000 offers superb value for money. This mattress has Pocket Springs and a deep layer of Memory Foam, providing a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep that will promote good posture, prevent pressure points and stop aches and pains from forming.

Each of the 1000 Pocket Springs is set within a ‘pocket’ of fabric, designed to keep the springs apart from each other. The result is that each spring is free to move when it is under compression, allowing the springs to work and support a small area of the body and therefore offer precise and accurate support.

Dura Beds have added a deep layer of Memory Foam to the surface of this mattress. This medium support foam will slowly and softly conform to the shape of the body, enhancing the support provided by the springs and feeling luxurious in the process. This is a no-turn mattress so the foam is added to one side only.

Product Features

  • 1000 Pocket Springs.
  • Deep Memory Foam.
  • Quilted Mattress.
  • No-Turn Mattress.
  • Airflow Breathable Border.
  • Mattress Depth: 32cm


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