Victoria Extra Firm Open Coil Mattress with Ottoman Storage Bed Set


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A fantastic deal not to be missed!! This bundle includes Victoria Extra Firm backcare Mattress and a Divan base ottoman lift, giving your bedroom extra storage space.
Save money and space.
The Victoria is a firm mattress. Very firm. This excellent mattress is part of the Backcare Collection from Dura Beds and is not only superbly well made, but it is excellent value for money too. If you’re looking for a firm mattress with a comfortable sleeping surface, will stand the test of time and won’t break the bank, then we cannot think of another mattress that would be a better choice.
The Victoria is built around an Open Coil spring unit that has a firm feel. These springs are made from a continuous wire of 12.5 gauge and each spring is linked to the next. The idea behind Open Coil springs is that the weight is shared across the springs instantly, making it very efficient. As one of the longest-running spring types on the market, you can be sure that durability and efficiency are second to none.
Dura Beds have added a deep layer of fibre fillings to the surface of this mattress. These layers are condensed to further add to the firmness of the mattress, and they’re then bound in place by the tufting process (hence the dimple-like features on the surface). All this results in a very firm mattress that will remain so for many years to come. The fillings used in this mattress are all on one side, as this is a no-turn mattress. The fibre fillings are breathable and so air can move freely through the mattress, which is further aided by the breather vents on the sides.
Dura Beds have finished the Victoria mattress off in a soft and silky-smooth fabric which is as tactile as it is durable. This mattress is no-turn, but does require rotating (spinning around) once per season, although we recommend this is done more often in the early weeks after delivery. To help with movement, there are handles on the sides of the Victoria mattress.


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